C-46 signed by Lt. J. V. Vinyard


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This Curtiss C-46 is handcrafted by Gary Vieaux in West Monroe, Louisiana. The plane is crafted from pine from the original buildings of the Selman Field Army Air Corps Navigational School, the largest navigational school in America from 1942 to 1945. The propellors are cherry and magnolia tips. Cedar was used for the base.

Signed by Lt. J. V. Vinyard.

1st Lt. J. V. Vinyard became an Army pilot at 18 at Moore Field in Mission, Texas in 1943. He flew the new Curtiss C-46 from Nashville, TN, delivering it first to Chabau, and ultimately to Sookerating, both in the Assam Valley of India. He completed 87 round trip missions over the Hump. He received the Distinguished Flying Cross with Oak Leaf Cluster, the Air Medal with Cluster, and a letter of Commendation for a special combat mission. He was also awarded a Chinese Commendation Medal.

Plane comes with certificate of authenticity signed by Gary Vieaux. Proceeds benefit the museum.