HOW THE CHENNAULT FOUNDATION IS helping to strengthen our nations veterans

  • The General Chennault Foundation supports the Chennault Aviation & Military Museums mission to “Preserve, Promote and Honor Aviation and Military History”.  The Chennault Museum currently host one of the largest collections of Chennault memorabilia and has over 11,000 artifacts representing the  rich heritage of American history and culture ranging from the United States Civil War to Iraqi Freedom, including American Aerospace.
  •  The museum hosts numerous Veteran outreach programs.  We serve as the primary location for the General Claire Chennault Flying Tigers Chapter 51 Disabled American Veteran Group.  This group provides numerous services including Veteran Appeal Assistance, rides to appointments and community outreach.
  • We also have offered PTSD support meetings  and many outreach programs for local veterans continuously. We continue to support our most recent veterans as well as our eldest veterans. Chennault Foundation hosts events like Welcome Home Vietnam Veteran programs, our Holiday Honor Trees and Honor Walk 365.
  • We honor our nations heroes  by recording and submitting veterans oral history to the Library of Congress.   The Library  stores these videos and makes them digitally available for generations to come.


In addition to the Veteran Outreach  and local support we also have a large cultural footprint.

  • Founding members of the International WWII Museum
  • Maintains a working relationship with international Museums:
    • Imperial War Museum – London UK
    • Victory Museum – Moscow Russia
    • The Flying Tiger Memorial Museum- Zhejiang China
    • Yunnan Flying Tigers Museum- Kunming China
    • Flying Tiger Heritage Park – Guilin China
    • Flying Tiger Museum – Chongqing China                                                                                                                                                                                 

We actively promote tourism opportunities with people from around the world.

The legacy of General Chennault and his Flying Tigers is a bond forged between the people of the allied nations during some of the darkest hours the world has ever known. The Chennault Foundations President is Major General William Chen, the first Chinese American to attain the two-star rank in the United States Army. Vice President of the Foundation is Nell Calloway, granddaughter of Lieutenant General Claire Chennault. The Chennault Foundations mission is to advance cooperation and friendship by promoting active engagement in education, business and culture between peoples of all countries. Using General Chennault’s legacy as a guidepost to help today’s people of all ages, have a better understanding of history and the value of mutually beneficial relationships.




The Chennault Aviation & Military Museum and CEO/President Nell Calloway, granddaughter of Gen. Chennault, is dedicated to not only preserving our bond but strengthening it. 

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Visit our donation page to see the many donation options available. Your support of the Chennault Aviation and Military Museum is greatly appreciated.