General Chennault

In 1937, Claire Chennault led the charge to go to China and fight back against the Japanese. By doing so, he not only helped save China, but built an infrastructure for the war that was to come for the U.S.

The legacy of Gen. Claire L. Chennault and his Flying Tigers fighter group is a bond between the people of China and the United States, forged during some of the darkest hours the world has ever known.

The Chennault Foundation was established to continue to build on that bond. The Chennault Foundation’s mission is to advance cooperation and friendship by promoting active engagement in education, business and culture between the peoples of the United States and China.

The Chennault Foundation currently helps to support the Chennault Aviation & Military Museum, and its efforts are part of a larger vision- building the Chennault Flying Tiger Institute to ensure the establishment of a new course in our history. The Institute will be an international center, where ideas can be discussed and furthered through education and diplomacy.

In General Chennault’s own words, written in 1949:
“It is my fondest hope that the sign of the Flying Tiger will remain aloft just as long as it is needed and that it will always be remembered on both shores of the Pacific as the symbol of two great peoples working toward a common goal in war and peace.”

As Gen. Chennault and the Flying Tigers changed our history in World War II, let us change history for the next generation. By supporting the Chennault Foundation, you can help us make a difference in our world. Both personal and corporate memberships are available.

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You can also DOWNLOAD your personal membership form to establish your membership by mail or in person.

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